Friday, April 12, 2013

Noodle 101 Express

Noodle 101 is a small LA Chinese food chain specializing, as the name would suggest, in noodle soups, stir frys, and dumplings. But, perhaps their most famous dish is the beef roll. A hot Chinese style pancake (like the more famous scallion variety without the scallions) enclosing thin strips of beef lettuce and plum sauce, the dish is the subject of endless praise and debate on Chowhound and similar food geek websites. After years of reading these missives I finally stopped in for a taste. It may not be as some posters bemoan what it once was, but I have to admit it's pretty darn good. Chewy, crispy, fatty (yes don't forget fatty) with a hint a tangy plum sauce. I'd stop in again.

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