Saturday, April 6, 2013

Turkeys Turkeys Everywhere

It's spring and the hills are alive with the sound of gobbling. Everywhere you look flocks of turkeys strut proudly. Toms offer elaborate feather displays, hens scratch the ground for seeds and bugs. These two girls wandered into our backyard orchard (over the fence and into the orchard), said hello to the chickens, had a look around, and flapped away.
Wild turkeys, though native to North America, were not introduced into California until 1877 when a colony was started on Santa Cruz Island. The Department of Fish and Game started breeding and releasing these modern turkeys for hunting in 1928. In the 1950's the department began trapping birds in other states freeing them in California to try and establish a wild population. Mission accomplished. At last count there were more than 100,000 wild turkeys throughout the state.
Though some consider the birds a problem I can't deny I love their rambling walks and their noisy calls.  I love when they stop traffic crossing the road and I love when they come to visit.
Makes me think Ben Franklin might have had a point.

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