Saturday, August 24, 2013

After Turkey Soup

I always make soup after thanksgiving and our recent turkey dinner in August was no exception, and a great excuse to clean up a variety of leftovers in the fridge.
I started with the turkey carcass, two roughly chopped onions, bay leaves and two stalks of celery in a pot of water  along with my soup secret -- about 1/2 cup of left over gravy -- to make a tasty stock. I left that pot simmer for about an hour and then strained the stock reserving the meat from the turkey bones.
In a clean stock pot I sautéed diced carrots, onions, bell peppers (I don't usually use bell peppers in my soup but I had a drawer full), chopped garlic, a couple chili peppers, and chopped celery in olive oil. After a couple minutes when the vegetables were starting to soften I poured in the reserved stock and let the soup simmer for 30 minutes. Then I piled in a good quantity of chopped kale, fresh from our garden. I gave the kale 20 minutes or so to get tender and then made use of quite a few leftovers -- cooked potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, cooked rice, and the turkey meat I pulled off the bones from the stock.
James had no idea he had seen any of the ingredients earlier in the week. He just knew he was so happy with his savory soup supper he went back for seconds.

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