Saturday, August 10, 2013

One Of James' Favorites

Every so often our meat CSA will include a package of pork scallopini, thin slices of lean meat perfect for pan frying with a thin breading. Tonight I was short on my usual choice of Panko crumbs and added in about half cornmeal for extra crunch. Along with S&P, garlic powder, oregano, chopped basil and a bit of parmesan cheese my breading (first I dipped the cutlets in an egg beaten with a splash of milk and then the bread crumb mixture) made the kind of crispy crust James loves. Feeling every bit the restaurant chef I casually plated his fresh from the pan cutlets (pan fried in a combination of olive oil and butter) over super creamy mashed potatoes and topped the dish with a dandelion, red onion and grape salad I saw Michael Symon make on his cooking channel show this morning. Symon's salad used arugula but our garden has plenty of fresh dandelions and James loves their bitter tang -- so, as every TV chef seems to instruct, I used what was fresh and in season and very, very local.

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