Friday, August 9, 2013

Three Peppers and Potatoes

 Scrounging through the fridge, water already heating on the stove, I searched for something a little different for James' spaghetti. I was thinking just a plain aglio e olio (garlic and olive oil) but veered when I saw the beautiful chili pepper our neighbors sent over. Sure I still started with olive oil and plenty of garlic but I added in chopped fresh chiles, 2 super pickled hot sport peppers I brought home in a jar from a trip to Chicago, and for some color a roasted jarred red pepper hanging out on the fridge door. As the peppers bubbled in the saucepan I started to think about the leftover braised potato slices and tossed in a few along with some shredded basil to round out the spice. After I drained the pasta I tossed in the oil mixture, about 1/2 cup of reserved pasta cooking water and a handful of parmesan cheese -- mixed everything together quickly to let the cheese start to emulsify with the cooking water and oil and brought dinner to the table.

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