Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Grow A lot Of Kale

Honestly I thought the chicken would be the star. I cut a boneless breast into strips, soaked the piece in milk and dredged the meat in seasoned flour before deep frying in a combo of canola oil and -- okay I admit it -- bacon fat. Homemade chicken tenders. They were crispy brown and with just a pinch of cayenne, savory.
But James couldn't stay away from the kale. Flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks for new kale ideas I hit upon a recipe -- well more a method than a recipe, called Pavich's vegetables. This simple dish, detailed in Susan Loomis' Farmhouse Cookbook, briefly boils wedges of potatoes until almost cooked through and adds in a mountain of chopped kale (okay I added in the mountain, they opt for a bunch or two) until everything is tender. Meanwhile in a small saucepan I heated olive oil with several cloves of sliced garlic (until the garlic was golden brown and a little crispy) and tossed in a pinch of chili flakes. The warm oil (and the crispy garlic) are a flavorful dressing for the plain cooked vegetables, and a pretty good diet dinner. I gave James a good coating of the tasty oil and only took a small drizzle on my plate. One dish working two ways. I love it.

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