Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carried From New York

Carried and a little carried away.  James loves pastrami and I think probably the best pastrami I've had (and I've tasted many), probably the best pastrami in the country is from Katz's delicatessen in New York. We love Katz's. While on a one day job in New York I trudged down on the subway carrying my little cooler bag ready to bring home a pound or so for some special sandwiches. Somehow I ended up with a whole pastrami -- just barely squeezed into my cooler -- and instructions on how to steam it over simmering water for a New York style hot pastrami sandwich. Five pounds of cured meat, hand carried from Houston street to California and waiting in our freezer (in serving sized blocks) for the pastrami urge to hit.

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