Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now I'm Really Home

"Spaghetti or Risotto?" I said as I popped in the door from work.
"Well, you know I always like bacon and garlic," James offered when I asked "Red or White?"
Looking at chopped slab bacon (no pancetta in the fridge) and loads of chopped garlic slowly heating in some olive oil, I thought --why not a "favorite things" pasta? I tossed in crushed red chiles, a pinch of oregano and a hefty dose of fennel seeds and let the spices flavor the oil. Next I peeled a potato (fresh from our garden) and added it in small dice (less than 1/2") to the pan. The potato cooked and became just a bit crisped as the pasta boiled.
When I drained the spaghetti I forgot to save a bit of the cooking water, so I added the drained (hmm, I really need a two part pasta pot) noodles to the sauce pan along with a lightly beaten egg and parmesan cheese (another big man favorite) to stir up a light sauce.
James' Favorite Things Spaghetti -- Spice Infused Carbonara with Potatoes? You decide.

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