Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tony's Seafood

More Marin food travels.
There is something I love about Tony's Seafood. I don't think it's the food. The slightly battered seaside roadhouse has been serving up fresh seafood (well some of it) since the late 40's.
There is a trick to Tony's. Don't waver, stay strong, only order two things. The barbecued oysters, a bit tangy a bit sweet and covered in melted butter and chopped garlic come steaming hot off the grill 5 to a flimsy paper plate. The cracked dungeness crab -- when they have it (it's not really on the menu but ask for it), pretty much late November to late May, is perfectly cooked, expertly cracked and delicious.
You can look at the specials or the rest of the menu but pretty much it's a non chain Long John Silver's -- a seafood denny's at best. Stick to the real deal.

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