Thursday, May 27, 2010

Restocking The Garden

There is always something to do in the garden
We've got a few somewhat shady spots in the yard. In the winter I fill those spots with kale and chard and broccoli -- things that like and can take a good bit of cool weather. This summer I am going to try lettuces and leafy greens in those cooler spots and see if we can grow our fresh summer salads.
For a little variety in my first summer batch of seed starting I picked "little gem" romaine. I've never grown them before but they are a favorite of super chef Thomas Keller and make frequent appearances on his restaurant's menus and in his cookbooks. I just had to try a few rows. Chicory and extra peppery wild arugula have the kind of bitter bite James loves in a salad or a sauté so I like to keep a steady supply going. While I was starting seeds I tossed in a few beans I had left over from last year's seeds, they love the summer heat, and some mini white cucumbers that sounded interesting in this year’s seed catalogues.
Fingers crossed for summer salad.

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