Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

Every gets carry out sometime.
I was running pretty late getting home -- I had to run an errand unexpectedly and it hit me. A special treat for James. I was driving right by one of his favorite places and really the only place we ever carry out from . . .
Although there is debate over who first combined sweet fluffy waffles with crispy salty fried chicken, even in calorie conscious LA Roscoe's is an institution. It's where I bring out of town friends, stop for some home-style comfort, and yes where I go for take home treats.
Some reviews will say these aren't the best waffles in town -- I have to say it's kind of the only place I ever eat waffles, and true they likely aren't much better than the the make it yourself kind found on every cheap hotel breakfast bar these days. I suspect the "butter" is margarine, the batter from a mix, and the syrup more Log Cabin than maple. BUT, The chicken is crisp, just salty enough, deeply golden brown and impossibly juicy inside (especially the dark meat). The kind of chicken I could never make at home. My fried chicken will always be, at best, second best to Roscoe's and I've come to terms with that. It's the best fried chicken in LA -- and the combination of sweet syrup with soft waffles, the same salty sweet combo that makes glazed ham a holiday centerpiece, is irresistible. Roll the chicken in the soft waffles for an American take on Peking Duck. Don't think, don't wonder, just eat.
Roscoe's has expanded over the years, I hear they are opening a branch in Chicago, but the original on Gower right in the middle of Hollywood will always be my favorite. Dark, a little grimy, and still a great place for celebrity spotting. I'm not even ashamed -- we love Roscoe's.

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