Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apple Bread

It's quite a pledge to keep up, this baking my way through Jim Lahey's My Bread Cookbook. I had no idea.
His no-knead bread is so easy and so delicious it's easy to see why it caused a small scale baking revolution and delivered him the admirations of scores of home bakers like me. No one trick pony, Lahey rallies with delicious variations on his theme like crispy Stecca (Italian baguettes or maybe chewy breadsticks) and sheet pan size pizzas. I even found the carrot bread a welcome treat, especially when slathered with our homemade orange marmalade (not to toot my own horn, but let's face it that marmalade would make cardboard taste good).
This week's apple bread, while very moist and tasty enough just perplexes me. Is this the way Lahey's turns out, I wonder. And, what does he do with this? I've been giving it to James for breakfast sometimes with butter and sometimes with jam (leftover from the pop tart filling) and he seems happy enough. I think it might make an interesting sandwich with sharp cheddar or aged gouda and bacon. Fontina and apples is nice so maybe open-faced with easy melting Fontina. Oh, or how about apple bread crostini with melted Gruyere topped with endive and walnut salad? Now we're talking -- I may have to make another loaf.
If only I had a plan for Lahey's coconut chocolate bread. Oh well, that's a puzzle for next weekend.

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