Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Grown For Home Made

When Lionel Barrymore ridiculed Jimmy Stewart for playing "nursemaid to a bunch of garlic eaters" he could have been talking about us.
Just about everything tastes better with a little garlic and though I've spent years, crushing, mincing, chopping and slicing until last fall I never grew any of my own.
I can't say that home grown garlic will save any one any money and it certainly is not instant gratification. We planted single cloves of Lorz Italian garlic, a mid-season variety brought to America from Italy by the Lorz family somewhere around 1950, way last September and just this week dug the purple-ish cloves from the ground. The seed catalogue described the flavor of this softneck variety as hot and spicy. We're waiting just a little bit longer until the bundles of cloves I tied up get a chance to cure in our dark garage. Homegrown garlic taste test to come.

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