Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duck, Duck, Kumquat

Now that I have candied our kumquats I am seeing them everywhere. Baked into delicate pistachio financier's, dotting the cream cheese frosting on a gingerbread layer cake, and this recipe I found in Food and Wine, Duck Breasts with Mustard and Candied Kumquats. Completely unexpected. I had to try it.
Skinless breasts marinate in wine, mustard and rosemary before being sautéed in olive oil. As the duck is resting, shallots, jalapenos and more minced rosemary cook down in the same skillet. The remaining marinade is added in and cooked to an almost syrupy consistency, followed by more mustard (both grainy and Dijon) and the candied kumquats. the resulting sauce is sweet and spicy and the perfect foil for the full-flavored meat.
I can't let good fat go to waste. I rendered down the duck skin and fried up a platter of duck fat potatoes for James' side dish. Duck two ways.

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