Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freezer Food: Kitchen Convenience

When I have an ingredient in the fridge teetering towards past it's prime and no immediate ideas for a dinner to use it up (or it's already made enough appearances to almost be recognizable) I whip something up for the freezer. Buttermilk becomes freezer trays full of biscuits ready for baking or marinates chicken pieces seasoned and stored for a future dinner. Milk threatening to go sour becomes a batch of gorgères for impromptu appetizers. Stone fruits are sliced into pies and tarts ready to bake for unexpected dinner company. In this case, the last of the creme fraiche (and sautéed beet greens) was stirred into the cheese sauce of this freezer filling macaroni and cheese. A couple months back I made two pans of this surprisingly light macaroni and cheese. We had one for dinner and the other waited for a night like tonight.

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