Friday, April 6, 2012

Foiled By Technology

One small disadvantage of our new home is the not up to urban parr internet service. On a good day it's slow and on a bad day -- well you can wait quite a while for repairs. So, James' dinner has been a blog free secret for the last couple meals.
Tonight I am back with a real winner: spaghetti with squid, broccoli, and chckpeas. Simple and something slightly different. I started with hot olive oil in a pan and sautéed sliced garlic, crushed red peppers, 3 anchovy filets. I mashed the anchovies into the oil and tossed in the squid sliced into rings (or manageable tentacle pieces) for just a few seconds really until the squid picked up a little color. Then I added a drained can of chickpeas, chopped parsley and a splash of white wine and let the squid simmer until just cooked. meanwhile I was cooking the spaghetti along with the broccoli florets in boiling salted water. n a departure from my usual process I put the broccoli in the pot when I added the pasta so it would cook down and be extra soft. When I added the drained noodles and veg to the sauce the extra soft broccoli formed a light green sauce -- almost like a pesto -- that clung to the noodles deliciously.

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