Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick, Simple Spaghetti

I made it home in time to make a quick spaghetti for visiting friends. The cupboards were pretty bare. When I'm low on ingredients I usually turn to pasta. Served simply with olive oil and garlic or layered in elaborate sauces, spaghetti always feels like a homemade meal.
All I found in the fridge was a handful of fresh green beans. I set a pot of water on the stove to boil while I snapped the beans planning to cook them along with the spaghetti (I added them in for the last 5 minutes of pasta cooking time). Meanwhile I reached for one of the jars of tomatoes I canned from last year's plants. and simmered a quick, flavorful, pantry ingredient sauce from red wine, olive oil, oregano, chili peppers, garlic and caned tomatoes. One of our friends is a vegan or else I might have finished the sauce with a dollop of butter. Instead I served up two versions of our hasty supper one with spaghetti, green beans, and hearty tomato sauce the other topped with zesty fresh goat cheese and grated parmesan.

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