Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can Mac and Cheese Be Too Rich?

I didn't think so -- but, apparently I was wrong -- at least where James is concerned. After a quick perusal of the cheese drawer for odds and ends waiting to be used I mixed up a quick cheese sauce (a flour and butter roux, milk, S&P, and a dash each of nutmeg and cayenne). When the sauce was thick and warmed I dropped in cubes of delicious, voluptuous, washed rind Crémier de Chaumes (just the soft center cheese, not the rind) and stirred until the cheese was fully melted and the sauce silky smooth.
I mixed half cooked, drained macaroni (I used cavatappi) into the sauce and layered that mixture along with plenty of grated Montgomery Cheddar. I sprinkled fresh bread crumbs over the top and eft it in the fridge for James to bake when I had a late night at work.
Rich? Yes. Delicious? Yes. But maybe best served in tapas sized portions.

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