Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rethinking Mark Peel

Okay, maybe I was too hasty. Right on these "pages" I complained about the days of cooking it took to turn a brisket into Mark Peel's version of Bolognese sauce. I reasoned that my usual sauce was just about as good and took at least 40 hours less to whip up.
Did roasting those tomatoes really make a difference? Was brisket better than bones?
Well, as you can see from these unusually unattractive photos, Mark Peel's recipe (all four large tomato cans worth) made plenty to store in the freezer.
The other night when I got home late and James felt like spaghetti I reached into the freezer and reheated some of the stored sauce while the pasta cooked. Wow -- even better reheated. Apologies to Mark Peel. I'm still not sure I'll be making this sauce on a regular basis or that anyone but Peel would call it Bolognese -- but straight from the freezer weeknight supper. Wow, delicious.

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