Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smashed Potato Skillet

"I have simple taste," James said as he dug into this skillet casserole of bacon, potatoes, garlic, and melted cheese. I nodded along and didn't mention the quality of ingredients that made this "simple" supper worth noting. While I slowly cooked lardons of slab bacon in a bit of olive oil to render out as much fast as possible I boiled some fingerling potatoes. When they were soft and a bit cooled I smashed the drained potatoes so they were flat but still in one piece and added them to the pan with the bacon and garlic to crisp the skins. When the potatoes had just browned I turned them over to crisp on the other side, stirred in a bit of cooked asparagus I happened to have in the fridge, 1 TB of butter and topped the skillet with easy to melt cheese (if I'd had Fontina I would have liked that but we had left over Raclette that worked out nicely). After a couple minutes in a hot oven our skillet dinner was ready to go.

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