Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Try At Barbuto At Home

Our garden is full of lovely, fresh bright yellow and green zephyr squash.
Again, inspired by Jonathan Waxman and the delicious zucchini salad I had at Barbuto, I tried to make a garden fresh pasta dish for James. As the pasta cooked I mixed up an olive puree with just pitted kalamata olives, a pinch of salt, garlic, and olive oil. Thirty seconds before the pasta finished cooking I added in thin slices of squash to soften a bit in the water. I dressed the noodles with olive oil, dabs of the olive puree, a dollop of fresh ricotta, and a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts and fresh oregano.
To be honest I wanted to imitate Chef Waxman further and use toasted hazelnuts -- but, oops I wasn't paying enough attention and toasted the hazelnuts a little too far and had to make a quick substitution.
Hazel or pine this dish still made for summery pasta dinner fresh from the garden.

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