Friday, August 6, 2010

Old Reliable Congee Village

After the red eye, and far too little sleep I'm back in New York.
A bleary eyed mid-morning called for reliable, friendly new York comfort food. Congee Village, a lower East side Cantonese eatery features a lengthy menu of decidedly not gourmet Chinese dishes. In spite of the many offerings I never look outside of the congee offerings, the soupy rice porridge eaten as a breakfast staple in Cantonese coffee shops and dim sum parlors the world over. It couldn't be much simpler (slow cooked rice with lots of water and a choice of flavorings ranging from 1000 year old egg to fish slices with lettuce and peanuts) and it's one of my favorite foods.
Today I opted for duck and meatballs -- maybe the best $3.95 breakfast New York has to offer.

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