Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back In My Own Kitchen

We made it back home and thanks to our garden I was able to whip up dinner without running to the store. I started the water boiling and grabbed a good sized squash from out front. As the pasta cooked I sautéed thin slices of squash along with some homegrown garlic and chili peppers (dried from last summer's harvest) in a good quantity of olive oil. After the squash softened I covered it and let the slices get just the slightest golden color underneath. When the pasta had cooked I added it to the skillet along with a handful of chopped mint, about 4 ounces of fresh goat cheese (I found it in the back of the cheese drawer), and about 1/2 cup of pasta cooking water and gave it all a good stir until the cheese and starchy water had melded to form a creamy sauce. Topped with some shredded parmesan cheese that was James' welcome home dinner in a jiffy.

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