Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lombardi's Pizza

Another stop on the old New York comfort food circuit, Lombardi's was America's first pizzeria and is still more than 100 years after it's founding packing both tourists and locals into red checked covered tables for crisp crust pies straight from the coal fired oven.Lombardi's is certainly out of food fashion these days, these are not single serving pies topped with crunchy arugula or artisan made prosciutto but old time Italian American specialties piled with sauce, sausage, and loads of gooey mozzarella. Many pizzas at Lombardi's are probably good, but for me there is only one reason to go -- the clam pizza.
Freshly shucked clams, garlic, olive oil, herbs (kind of like the spaghetti with progresso white clam sauce my Dad used to make in the 60's), and a just a dash of pecorino cheese (honestly I would like a little more) are thickly spread on the tasty crust. It's a pizza I imitate at home for James (my version has pancetta and just a bit of mozzarella cheese) and have fond memories of when I'm far away at home in California.
A cash only tourist trap that's none the less cheerful and fun, with delicious clams.

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