Monday, January 10, 2011

Cauliflower Pasta

Honestly I could eat pasta everyday and never get tired of it. There are literally millions of ways to serve it and every sauce makes it seem like a brand new dish. And, it goes really well with cheese.
For tonight's quick pasta dinner I boiled some cauliflower in the boiling water (for just a few minutes) and plopped the par-cooked vegetable in a sauté pan along with olive oil, garlic, pancetta, oregano, fresh thyme, fennel seeds and dried chili peppers. I added the noodles to the same water and as it cooked the pancetta crisped and the cauliflower cooked down into a sweet sauce. I added in a splash of white wine and let it reduce just a bit. I drained the pasta and added the sautéed mix, grated parmesan and gruyère cheeses, a knob of butter and a healthy splash of pasta cooking water, gave it all a good stir and watched the water and cheese form a light sauce for James' dinner.
Dinner in 15 minutes, and I think he might have licked the bowl.

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