Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lillet Marshmallows

In fact, James is a man and a boyfriend with very few faults. But -- if I were to start a list, somewhere near the top would certainly be that he doesn't like marshmallows. In a cruel twist of fate (okay, it's not quite The Gift Of The Magi) marshmallows are something I LOVE to make. I've been saving this recipe for Lillet marshmallows for literally years now -- booze flavored fluffy candy . . . fantastic.
Lillet is a French aperitif made from blending Bordeaux wines with citrus liquors. It's fairly strong but somehow tastes of honey and flowers and grapefruit all at once. I just love the idea of these grown up marshmallows.
One thing I don't particularly love is the mess that comes with each batch of these fluffy confections. The mixed base is gooey and sticky, the whole kitchen seems dredged in powdered sugar, shiny sugar cobwebs cover my knives and spatulas. But, when I cut the soft little squares and see them bounce lightly on my board like sugary pillows I can't help being charmed and taken in once again. I forget the mess until the next time.
This idea of aperitif marshmallows really has me going -- next up -- lightly pink Campari flavored puffs -- just not for James.

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