Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post Party Carbonara

I'm not sure they would agree along the Spanish Steps but I consider spaghetti alla carbonara (or any pasta shape) a recipe with infinite variations. As long as it starts with onions and garlic and finishes with raw eggs stirred and turned to a creamy sauce in the heat from the just cooked pasta I call it carbonara.
Tonights version started with shallots (well, almost an onion) and garlic sautéing in olive oil along with chopped, fennel scented salami. I added in a pinch of chili peppers, chopped fresh sage and rosemary. I sautéed the mix until the shallots were soft and translucent but not colored, added in a little pat of butter, and turned off the heat. After I drained the pasta I added it back to the still warm pasta pot, along with the mix from the sauté pan, 2 raw eggs (I usually use 1 egg per person), a good sized dash of fresh ground pepper, and some small cubes (without the rind) of leftover buffalo milk quadrello. I gave everything a good stir until the heat made that familiar creamy sauce I always call carbonara.

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