Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oyster Pizza At Home

James and I love the oyster pizza at Osteria Stellina in PT Reyes Station. And really, what's not to love? Cream braised leeks, crispy dough, salty oysters -- it's a winning combo I have never seen anywhere else. And today I found the recipe online -- it was once published in Metropolitan Home alongside a cheery article describing the little storefront restaurant as a "culinary beacon . . . as bright as the Pt Reyes lighthouse." A culinary beacon in a virtual promised land of fresh vegetables, bakeries, organic dairy farms, artisanal cheeses, pasture raised meats, and mind-blowingly fresh seafood. Food geek Valhalla. Today, just as we are having another of those, "Why don't we live there moments" I thought I'd bring a little West Marin home. I actually followed the recipe as written, except I thought I had too much of the braised leeks to use on one pie (not that they wouldn't be delicious on pasta or toast or cedar chips or cardboard if it came to it -- these are really good), so I won't try to describe it -- just link to to the master, Chef Christian Caiazzo's recipe. I'm still working on my version.

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