Friday, February 11, 2011

Grant's Limes

James' friend Grant has a backyard overflowing with fruit and he is kind enough to share. We've turned it into our own little game of stump the cook as I ponder how best to use up Grant's latest gift. Today's delivery . . . a big bag of bright green limes.
Now of course limes are handy for ceviche, or gin and tonics, or guacamole but I like to rally for these little neighborly challenges by transforming the fruit into a new dish, one that's easy to send back as a thank you. I usually fall back on jams and James dutifully delivers jars back to Grant. Our pantry is pretty stocked with marmalade right now. Salad dressing doesn't make the most exciting delivery.
Suddenly I remembered a cake recipe I saw on Epicurious. Basically an angel food cake flavored with lime zest, brushed with lime syrup, dusted with chopped pistachios and drizzled with lime glaze. A trifecta of lime transformation. Perfect.
There were egg whites in my freezer waiting for just such an occasion. I'd never whipped frozen egg whites before and was ready for a kitchen experiment. Besides I love to make angel food cakes. A recipe riddled with potential disaster -- a baking tightrope I love to walk. And, all the more satisfying when they cool to a fluffy pillowy presence too etherial to cut with a regular knife. I set to work zesting and juicing and in a couple hours had an airy, golden brown cake ready for delivery, along with a jar of lime curd for toast. Thanks again, Grant!

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