Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Clambake

To celebrate (or mourn) the turning of another year James took me downtown to LA's great bastion of seafood and all things ocean, The Water Grill. Sophisticated food in a downtown setting. In spite of their fine dining reputation, this summer The Water Grill has been offering a weekly clambake. Picnic table food served by white jacketed men concerned that the color of my napkin be closer to the color of my "slacks" (they were jeans) -- I'm still not sure why. James had jeans on too but he got the regular white napkin. Birthday special I suppose.
This lobster was served with steamed clams, mussels, and sausage with a buttery sauce, creamed corn, and a starter salad of super fresh lettuce and shaved baby vegetables. For dessert was a delicate maple "budino" served in a cute little European canning jar with 3 sugary crisp pecan shortbread cookies on the lid. Happy Birthday to me.

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