Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perfect Make Ahead Dessert

The other day while clearing out my baking cabinet I found an old jar of almond paste set to expire this september. I'd bought it quite some time ago for some Christmas cookies I intended to make and never got to -- or maybe that recipe really wanted marzipan. in any case it was sitting on the shelf and in danger of going to waste.
I did a quick internet search and found a lovely almond cake recipe from David Lebovitz's blog. Now Lebovitz's pedigree as a former Chaz Panisse pastry chef would be be enough to get me to pay attention to his blog. But that fact that the recipes are simple and inventive and delicious keeps me coming back. This almond cake mixes up in minutes, and keeps fresh for days if well wrapped. Easy to make ahead for dinners and summer parties. On top -- per the blogger's suggestion I made a quick blueberry compote with fresh blueberries and only a touch of sugar.

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