Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hurry Curry

Dinner is the mother of invention.
I dashed in late from work and set to figuring out something for dinner. There was a head of cauliflower and suddenly I was on my way to cauliflower and egg curry. I heated some oil and butter in a skillet and added a chopped onion along with a good splash of cumin seeds. I let the onion turn golden and seasoned my pan with ginger (had to use ground -- no fresh in the house), turmeric, garlic (fresh), and a pinch of graham masala. I added in some fresh chiles and the chopped head of cauliflower along with a half glass of water and one big juicy tomato, roughly chopped. I covered the pan and let the cauliflower cook until tender about 10 minutes. Meanwhile I beat some eggs with plenty of cracked black pepper, milk, and tiny cubes of butter. When the cauliflower was very tender I poured in the eggs and stirred until they were loosely scrambled. A quick Indian style dinner served over rice.
Not pretty but quick, easy and pretty tasty.

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