Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bake and Serve

I'm not sure how Greek this chicken really is, although I do remember seeing similar dishes in "Greek" diners on the East coast and that's how this mixture of olive oil, lemon, oregano and stock is generally tagged. Honestly it couldn't be easier. I split a chicken into quarters. Season and surround it with potatoes (and because I had them carrots and parsnips) and pour over a mixture of chicken broth, olive oil ad lemon juice (equal parts stock and olive oil -- a little less on the lemon juice) and a heaping tablespoon of oregano. the whole pan bakes for about an hour at 375ยบ -- sometimes I turn up the oven at the end just to brown the skin a bit. It's a perfect one pan, next to no effort dinner for a busy day.

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