Saturday, January 14, 2012

Midwestern Appeal . . . Almost

It started with baked ham. I had a big beautiful piece of baked ham in the freezer that, try though I may, I could never get James to defrost and eat when I am out of town. So it was up to me to put it to use. I sliced the ham and covered it with a glaze of 3/4 cup of brown sugar heated with a splash of hot sauce and 3 TBs of dijon mustard. On the side, the classic: A potato gratin . . . with a twist. My gratin was built with layers of thinly sliced (peeled) sweet potatoes and celery root mixed with crisp, diced bacon, fresh thyme, chopped leeks, and S&P. Once the layers were in place I poured in pure, rich cream and topped the dish with grated Gruyère cheese and a layer of breadcrumbs. The gratin baked for about an hour and ten minutes (the last 20 uncovered), the ham for 25. James had seconds, on everything.

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