Friday, January 20, 2012

Long Cooked Pasta Sauce

I felt like something old fashioned and hearty. Something that would bubble away on it's own while I went about my day. I started with pork spare ribs (cut into two inch pieces) and beef short ribs, cut in half. After seasoning the mat with slat and pepper I browned the pieces well in a pan with olive oil and garlic. I set the meat aside and added two chopped onions, more garlic (I took out the garlic that got very brown with the meat), and a good bit of chopped pancetta. When the onions were soft and translucent I poured in about 2 cups of red wine. When the wine had cooked down so there was very little liquid left in the pot, I put the meat back in, added two large cans of crushed tomatoes, diced oregano, fresh parsley and basil and let the sauce simmer. After about an hour and a half I added in whole links of hot Italian sausage and allowed it to poach in the sauce for another hour.
I served the sauce and the meats over pasta and topped each dish with a dollop of ricotta and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Old school meat sauce.

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