Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Long Shanghai: A Last Food Stroll

Ladies cleaning pig's feet on the street. Perhaps for the rich broths that fill Shanghai's delicate dumplings. A good way to start a last food stroll.
Mangosteen's for sale on the street.
I've heard it said mangosteens might be the most delicious fruit on earth. After tasting them fresh (and not after a long airplane ride far from home) I think it may be true. Super sweet, delicious. I wish I had discovered them earlier.
A sesame ball dessert from a street side vendor -- little greasy but filled with delicious black sesame seed paste.
Honestly I don't know what to call this. Based on the sesame flat breads also made at this tiny stand, I suspect it may be a Northern Chinese specialty but it was new to me. The thinly stretched dough was filled with greens (not honestly sure what kind) and a bit of egg, sealed and, I think, fried.
The filling was fairly bland -- could have used a little chili, but the dough was surprisingly crisp and light.
Making and selling carry out treats in a closet-sized stand.Selling potstickers on the street.
Spiral cut pineapples either whole or on a stick. The spirals artfully remove the eyes while preserving the sweet flesh.
Fresh meat mooncakes. There was a huge line for these and so I just joined in. I thought for sure the translation was botched as the moon cakes I see are usually a sweet treat for Chinese New Year. But, sure enough, when I bit in to the super flaky still warm pastry it was filled with meat and a deep rich broth. A mini beef wellington with ground meat.
Durian. Not nearly as smelly as one would think. Peeled chopped and sold for about $1.50 a container. Sort of like a starchy pineapple. Not too bad. The taste kind of grows on you.

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