Monday, March 12, 2012

Street Bao

Chinese fast food, a spot along a "food street" by People's Park in Shanghai.
Walking the streets of Shanghai I came on Babi Mantou a small chain featuring all types of steamed bao -- often called mantou in the Shanghai area. In some neighborhoods the menu board is posted in English (although the staff will likely not speak any English at all -- I used the old traveling food point). I ended up with something new (at least for me), a fluffy steamed bread stuffed with spicy rice noodles.
A couple blocks away I found another bao shop -- clearly not a chain but the type you see all over Shanghai. Steamer baskets piled high waiting to delight any passerby. I pointed again, no English here, and ended up with the same filling -- spicy rice noodles, a new favorite.

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