Saturday, March 17, 2012

Something We Do Every Year

I always like to make a themed holiday dinner. James just likes corned beef, especially with this orange marmalade glaze I have been making since the 70's (no joke) when the now classic Silver Palate Cookbook first hit the stands. 1 cup of orange marmalade (homemade from our blood orange tree this year), 4 TBs (hefty TBs) of brown sugar, and 4 TBs (hefty TBs) of Dijon mustard (I like the whole seed variety) mixed together and poured over the pre-cooked corned beef brisket (I cook the meat in the crockpot so it stays moist and tender). After 30 minutes at 350ยบ the glaze is just a bit crispy and our yearly tradition is ready to take it's place next to parsley tossed potatoes and this year, kale not cabbage.

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