Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Recipe From Jerusalem

I've been saving this recipe. "Spicy" turkey burgers with sumac sauce from the cookbook Jerusalem, a multi ethnic collaboration that won a James Beard award and has ignited somewhat of a cookbook fervor spawning themed cooking clubs and Facebook pages since it's publication.
Full disclosure, I don't own the book. Honestly though review after review raved about the middle Eastern recipes and the partnership of the book's muslim and jewish authors I wasn't all that interested. I was just drifting around the internet and came across this recipe. In it ground turkey is mixed with garlic, egg, cumin, fresh mint, cilantro, grated zucchini, green onions, S&P and cayenne pepper. It sounded good so I saved it to make for James.
Now I love Middle Eastern food of all kinds. Tahini, Za'atar, and sumac are regular flavors in my kitchen and I'm first in line for Persian or Lebanese or even Moroccan food so I figured anything from this part of the world would be a hit with me. But these burgers were just okay. Maybe I need a little more spice or maybe a turkey burger will only ever be so good. Or maybe they need to be part of a larger collection of dishes with flavorful spreads, eggplant salads and tangy sauces. In any case I might try another recipe from Jerusalem but I don't think I'll buy the book --- not just yet.

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