Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Tastes For Supper

Something simple. Crisp crostini for dinner. If we were having guests this might have been an appetizer selection but tonight the straight from the garden freshness seemed just right for us. I started with those beautiful radishes from our neighbor's yard and turned the leaves (I just couldn't throw them away, they were way too beautiful) into a bright, slightly bitter pesto (radish greens, pecorino cheese, garlic, olive oil, almonds, lemon zest, crushed red chiles --just a pinch --S&P) which topped creamy Pt Reyes Farmstead fresh mozzarella. The radishes themselves I combined with a pea and fava bean purée (blanched fresh peas, double shelled (and quickly boiled) fava beans,  mint leaves, lemon juice, pecorino cheese, olive oil, S&P) on little crisps of garlic rubbed toast. Springy, light, delicious.

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