Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bounty From The Neighbors

 "You can't give anything away around here," James said coming through the door dragging a plastic bucket, weighed down with gifts from our always too generous neighbors.
They've been busy with family business lately. James and I wanted to help or at least be supportive so of course we turned to food. I sent James over with a baked pasta dish (penne in a cheese sauce spiked with minced salami). He came back with more than he took. A bucket of fresh dug clams -- maybe the biggest ones I've ever seen, a bunch of radishes so beautiful I jumped to take a picture, fresh beets, and more. I started planning radish green pesto, clam fritters, bright salads -- all the great dishes to come.
"If I'd have been there 5 more minutes I'd be leading home a calf," James smiled as he unloaded his wares. Hmmm, maybe I should send him back.

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