Thursday, May 1, 2014

Top Sirloin

Nothing fancy. A couple defrosted sirloin steaks from our meat CSA and roasted sweet potatoes. I didn't feel like dashing the meat over to the oven so I pan roasted them with a technique I use for stove top burgers. I let a cast iron pan get good and hot on the stove then put in the seasoned steaks, slicked with just a thin coating of oil.  Resting on high heat for about 4 minutes the meat sears beautifully. When I turn the steaks I cover the pan briefly (and bring it down to medium heat) to let the meat cook through to just medium. The steaks rested (off heat) for a good five minutes while I tossed together a crisp mixed green salad with tangy caper vinaigrette -- my new favorite spring side.

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